Herbies is a trusted and reliable seed bank based out of Amsterdam. As everybody knows its the weed capital of the world, so who would not love to get their hands on Herbies Quality products!. 
They are the very best when it come to selection and strains, you are literally spoiled for choice when it comes to their range!, with strains such as ‘Apple Betty’, ‘Red Hot Cookies’, ‘Runtz Muffin’ and all your favorites such as ‘OG Kush’ and ‘Pineapple Express’. Don’t hesitate to jump on their blog page as well to get awesome tips from their world wide community with a never ending net of knowledge. The best seed bank on the net. Cannadaweedseeds thanks you for your support.



four twentyAmsterdamseedsupply.com seedbank

Amsterdamseedsupply.com is another great seed bank that ships to Canada! They have a great range at reasonable price and is well trusted and savvy service with products ranging from medical, auto flowering as well as Feminized seeds.
They also provide a knowledgeable range of books and guides to learn from, with everything being able to be purchased with Bitcoin as well normal payment methods.

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10buds.com seed bank

At 10buds.com you will find an awesome product range and great service, they are a very reliable seed bank for all your needs. Their products range from seeds to tents and everything in between including nutrients and pruning tools. Shipping to 32 countries they are a trusted and proven source.