Canadian Cannabis Strains

a cannabis plant

Canadian Cannabis Strains



a cannabis plant

Canadian Cannabis Strains



Canadian cannabis strains are gaining more and more esteem daily due to their high quality and popularity. Here we will discuss some of those strains proudly grown by Canadian cultivators.

Golden Tiger Regular

Golden Tiger is an almost pure Sativa strain and contains 10 percent of Indica strain. It is a resinous flower consisting of two Thai and two different Malawi cuts. Golden Tiger is a complex blend but a fruitful and viral strain. It is beneficial against depression and pain.

Pineapple Haze Regular

Pineapple Haze is a Sativa dominant strain with Indica maintaining 30 percent quantity. It is a hybrid strain with parents being pineapple hybrid and Sativa haze. It does take some long 12 weeks to grow the strain, but patience has a great reward. This strain completely eradicates negative thoughts, relax the body and relieve mild pain throughout the body

Caramelo Regular

Caramelo Regular is also a Sativa dominant strain hybrid tracing its lineage to the lavender family. True to its name, it has a creamy caramel flavour with a delicious taste and aroma. It is very quickly grown and has a variety of effects on consumption. It has uplifting, sedating, energizing and euphoric effects. It is a great pain reliever and can cure stress and depression

Blueberry Regular

Blueberry is an Indica dominant strain produced by combining purple Thai with Thai. This strain has long-lasting euphoric effects combined with a fruity blueberry flavour. It also has strong THC content and thus has pain and stress-relieving effects. It is grown both indoors and outdoors. Its effects range from uplifting and euphoric to sleepy and relaxed feelings.

G13 Haze Regular

G13 Haze is a heavily Indica dominant strain. As the name tells, it is a hybrid of G13 and Haze. G13 Haze produces a sandalwood-like and fruity aroma with a taste similar to its beautiful scent. It takes 9-10 weeks for a G13 Haze flower to grow fully. This strain is great against anxiety and depression. It is also famous for countering fatigue and tiredness. G13 Haze contains up to 23 percent THC content as well.

Critical Kush Regular

  • Critical Kush is a purely Indica strain and has an Afghani lineage. It was made by Barney’s Farm, known for inventing various excellent strains, among others. It has a remarkable 16 to 29 percent THC content and is a hybrid of Critical mass and OG Kush. Critical Kush has many uses, most enlightened of which are full-body relaxation and mentally soothing effects. It can counter severe pain and help to battle depression.

Malawi Regular

Malawi is a purely Sativa strain primarily grown and native to the Southeast African region of Malawi. Malawi strain has a long flowering time, sometimes up to 120 to 130 days. But it produces excellent smoke and is suitable for any occasion. It has exceptionally energizing and euphoric effects.

Take away

If you have found your magical strain among these excellent types, make sure to check these strains with ensured quality standards.

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